Plan with Me March

Plan with Me

I think this is the shortest “Plan with Me” video that I was able to produced. Making a shorter version of this type of videos came to mind when I myself started to get bored while editing my video. Hehehe! Hence, the idea of just putting on the salient points came to mind. So what do […] Read more…

True Leadership, is it a Lost Cause?


I was on my way to the office when I started drafting this blog post on my phone. I just finished scrolling through some news about current events. “Too much negativity”, I told myself as I gently tap the AssistiveTouch of my phone bringing me back to the homescreen. I looked outside the window and I saw […] Read more…

‘Plan with Me’ (January 2017)


One of the things that I am excited about is starting a new planner! Isn’t it amazing how you smell each pages of a newly-opened planner?! Hahaha! Weird as it may sound, this is one of the things that makes me smile. As you know from my previous blog post, I will use a couple […] Read more…

My Planners for 2017


Just like that, 2016 is almost over and we are about to say hello to 2017. One of the things that I am excited about are the planners that I am about to use for the next year. Oh, happiness! Yes, that is definitely one of my life’s simple joys. I really enjoy writing, designing, […] Read more…

Save while Shopping Online


If you have been a reader of this blog for quite sometime, you would know that I love to share about the latest discoveries that I have – may it be new restaurants, new gadgets, or even new experiences. Guess what? I discovered something new! Wooohooo! I made this discovery while I am searching for […] Read more…

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