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Hong Kong Arts and Crafts Haul

Craft Haul

I admit that I am a hoarder of arts and crafts materials. Aside from blogging, reading, eating, (etc. etc. etc.), I love doing arts and crafts whenever I have the time. It has a therapeutic effect on me. Arts and crafts (A&C) is quite addicting. You will always see arts and crafts supplies that you […] Read more…

Make it Blissful with Luminisce


“A gathering to remember.” That is how I can describe the Make it Blissful with Luminisce Event.  Few months ago, my dear friend and Dermatologist, Dr. Kaycee Reyes planned to have a meaningful event for Luminisce. Since this will be the first official event of Luminisce, we want it to be meaningful and with intention. We want […] Read more…

Community-building and Bliss-making at Blissmakerie 2015

Blissmakerie 2015

Finding inspiration, making meaningful conversation, and bliss-making – these are some of the words that I could think of as I look back at Blissmakerie 2015. The Blissmakerie started last December 2014 during a gathering that Martine de Luna held for her friends, collaborators, and blog coaching students. The first Blissmakerie event had a huge impact to the blogging community here […] Read more…

Join us for BLISSMAKERIE 2015


When I decided to take blogging seriously, I searched for online modules that would teach me how to approach blogging in a perspective that is according to my values. I know that I want to blog with intention and passion. Thankfully, I found a series that talks about blogging in a more meaningful perspective. I went […] Read more…


Paradizoo two

I’ve been hearing about this 10-hectar zoo-farm called “Paradizoo” for quite sometime already. That’s why, I was so happy when I had the opportunity to visit it. The trip to Paradizoo is quite therapeutic for me because it is like escaping the hustle and bustle of the Metro. You would have an idea that you […] Read more…

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