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Plan with Me March

Plan with Me

I think this is the shortest “Plan with Me” video that I was able to produced. Making a shorter version of this type of videos came to mind when I myself started to get bored while editing my video. Hehehe! Hence, the idea of just putting on the salient points came to mind. So what do […] Read more…

‘Plan with Me’ (January 2017)


One of the things that I am excited about is starting a new planner! Isn’t it amazing how you smell each pages of a newly-opened planner?! Hahaha! Weird as it may sound, this is one of the things that makes me smile. As you know from my previous blog post, I will use a couple […] Read more…

My Planners for 2017


Just like that, 2016 is almost over and we are about to say hello to 2017. One of the things that I am excited about are the planners that I am about to use for the next year. Oh, happiness! Yes, that is definitely one of my life’s simple joys. I really enjoy writing, designing, […] Read more…

Upcycling with Class


Some call upcycling as ‘SALVAGE ART’- taking something that would otherwise be thrown out and making it into something better. It helps put our ‘creative juices’ into good use. It is like hitting two birds in one stone! Aside from doing our share to lessen the garbage that adds to the mountains of trash in the […] Read more…

Planner Supplies Haul Galore

Planner Supplies

Doing arts and crafts is such a therapy for me. Parallel to that, spending my hard-earned money to shop for arts and crafts supplies is such a joy! The first time I saw some clear stamps, I know that I want to have my own set – my own collection. However, some of the quality […] Read more…

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