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Hong Kong Arts and Crafts Haul

Craft Haul

I admit that I am a hoarder of arts and crafts materials. Aside from blogging, reading, eating, (etc. etc. etc.), I love doing arts and crafts whenever I have the time. It has a therapeutic effect on me. Arts and crafts (A&C) is quite addicting. You will always see arts and crafts supplies that you […] Read more…

Bloom 2016

Bloom 2016

Few months ago, I was browsing online to check what planner and desk calendar to use for 2016. (Yes, I am still using a planner and a desk calendar.) I don’t know why but I prefer writing on an actual planner and calendar. When I got a free planner from a coffee shop, there was […] Read more…

Hallmark Mix and Match


I always enjoy gift wrapping. For me, it is more than just ‘covering the gift”. Rather, it is the process of making the gift more special. I’ve been inlove with papers for years! I’ve been collecting stationeries since I was seven (7) years old. Now, I added notebooks, gift wrappers, envelopes and a whole caboodle […] Read more…

Bespoke your NiQua

NiQua Envelope

  DIY and personalized items have become in demand these days. Receiving personalized or DIY items means something special. When Bunnie, the owner of NiQua, invited me to Bespoke my own NiQua Envelope Clutch, I became so happy! NiQua is a local brand that produces quality leather goods. You may check their products online (click […] Read more…

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