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I’ve been quite busy lately because aside from my full time work, I’ve also been working on some collaborations. I started doing collaborations this year and I’m loving it! Aside from  having meaningful events/projects, I also gained new friends along the way. Although, I must admit that executing an event is quite tiring – yet very […] Read more…

Finding Bliss at Work


One night, while as I was reading and answering my emails, I was struck with the question from one of the readers of this blog. How do you find happiness at work? That made me think for few minutes. I am blessed to have a work that I enjoy. I have a wonderful boss and […] Read more…

Blissful Blogging (part 1)


When I decided to relaunch my blog, I knew deep within me that I wanted to have a fresh start and to blog with intention. I also knew back then that in order for my intention to be successful, I need to seek help and guidance from the experts. As soon as I was ready […] Read more…

My Cheerful Journey to a New Blog

blog design

With thousands upon thousands of bloggers online, you might ask why would someone  add to the number of existing blogs. That was the same question that I asked myself before deciding to have my own blog domain. I’ve been into blogging for four (4) years now. Back in 2011, I opened a free wordpress account to serve […] Read more…

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