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Welcome to my new BLOG!


Welcome to my new blog – to my new home! Hurray!!! God blessed me with enough courage to transfer to a new home here in the blogosphere. For the longest time, I’ve been setting aside the plan of getting my own domain. However, I know that I owe it to my dear readers who are spending their precious […] Read more…

To My Dear Readers


I have a secret to share with you… It is supposed to be a secret but I’m so excited about it that I could not keep it a secret! (Ano daw?) Maybe you noticed my lack of blog updates. It is because I was very careful not to spill the beans! …But… what can I do? I […] Read more…



Whenever I’d browse through instagram, I would always find myself admiring Jelito De Leon’s IG account. His pictures are superb and inspiring. He could easily turn simple things such as table, chairs, coins, coffee mug, etc. into something instagrammable and pinteresty (Oh, I just invented those words!) So when the beautiful Cat Juan-Ledesma announced a workshop with Jelito, […] Read more…

Black berry Smoothie

unnamed (6)

My family still has a hang-over of our juicing experience with Juice Hut. Hence, I decided to make a blackberry smoothie as part of our Sunday lunch. It is very easy to do! Ingredients: 2 1/2 cups black berries (I did not want to add ice since it might dilute the smoothie, so I just […] Read more…

New Look

I had the same blog design since time in memorial! Before you react with a “boooooo!” Let me manifest that I am not a techie type of person. As a matter of fact, it was just few months ago when I learned how to use dropbox and it was also this year when I learned […] Read more…

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