Planner Supplies Haul Galore

Planner Supplies

Doing arts and crafts is such a therapy for me. Parallel to that, spending my hard-earned money to shop for arts and crafts supplies is such a joy! The first time I saw some clear stamps, I know that I want to have my own set – my own collection. However, some of the quality […] Read more…

Dressing Up with Online Help


One of the things that I learned from my parents is that I need to dress properly and appropriately. Dressing appropriately is a sign of respect not just to the event’s host but also to other people. I enjoy dressing up and shopping for clothes. Whenever I shop, I prefer looking around and checking different […] Read more…

The Honest Crop


I love eating snacks. For me, a day with no snacks is incomplete! I’m glad that I learned about The Honest Crop  late last year. They provide healthy alternatives that we could all enjoy! Before I proceed on raving about the options that we have, let me share with you the inspiring story behind The […] Read more…

Hong Kong Arts and Crafts Haul

Craft Haul

I admit that I am a hoarder of arts and crafts materials. Aside from blogging, reading, eating, (etc. etc. etc.), I love doing arts and crafts whenever I have the time. It has a therapeutic effect on me. Arts and crafts (A&C) is quite addicting. You will always see arts and crafts supplies that you […] Read more…

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